Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Standing For It

They might call this table 1, at Tangerine, a coffee shop at Lorne and 14th, this table that comes hip-high to me (I'm six-three+). I can prop myself as I chat with the woman just leaving, with whom I'd shared a silence for the previous twenty minutes. 
If I was extolling the virtues of standing at my desk, as the Tan table has become, I'd be hard-pressed to say something new. It diversifies my entire approach, I will say. All that fussing over what next to say gives the core a workout.
What got me on to this topic was all the sitting I do. And those stand-up bars in Lisbon the espresso drinkers hit five or six times a day for a total of about six minutes. 

Right about now, 5:10pm, in Lisbon.

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