Sunday, 13 March 2016

Half Way

I'd been planning to catch Mustang at the library film theatre tonight but on the way there I've got myself stuck into the Brier final at Vic's Tavern, Newfoundland vs. Alberta, Koe one up with last rock in the 4th. At the 5th-end break I'll order a bite to eat.
My, what a scintillating entry so far!
I've hauled along to Vic's my manuscript called Occasional Cities, which I'm on the verge of sending to a publisher. The reason I point this out right now is that about a third of the manuscript, as of a week ago, is entries from this blog two years ago. At first I just pasted them in with few revisions. The more I read them now, the less I leave them. Stop me before they lose all sense of their moment at some cafe, bench, depot, bar or beach.
I noticed a lot of references, in those entries from two years ago, to the Olympics, especially men's hockey, the final of which I watched with some Swedes in Lisbon. (In case you don't remember the result, I'll tell you that it wasn't me who filed miserably into the Lisbon afternoon that day.)
A few more days with my OC and I'll hand it in.
4-2 Koe after 5.

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