Sunday, 18 January 2015

Prompts, Jan.18, Part II

[I offer these reminders: Any prompt is just a way to start. Once you’re rolling, you can ditch it. Be as free as you can with whatever voice speaks in your writing. See if you can give up some control.]

Name your style of dress.

What our objects say about us. Pick two or three objects. Notate in detail what they say.

You find something in the paper you’d like to rip out. Write the scene.

New products for the home. Make one up, or a bunch. Keep the language of your products sharp.

What, if anything, worries you about fashion these days?

You trust yourself. You know what you like. So?

Our world includes “the world’s smallest flying robot”, pictured in Saturday’s Globe landing on the heart of a flower. Your comments?

Cheap thrills. I count eating a radish as one of life’s cheap thrills—what are a few such items on your list?

You’ve just heard that your two grandchildren, ages nine months and 5, will be here in two hours. What do you do?

Only one week left. What’s in it?

is the way an ad goes. Despite what I proposed about single-word lines, where could you take those ones?

An experience in a store.

Three ways to ___________________.

“Try acting normal, but angrier.”
(found in a panel of Dilbert, Saturday Globe, page B2.

What you expect to
hear more about.

Tell us how you blew your gasket.

Your future highlights a problem. Which one?

Do people "fall apart"?

You, or someone for whom you speak, are dining at your favourite restaurant, really a splendid place. Look who walks in.

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