Saturday, 31 January 2015

Alfred Cochlan

I was going to add a small piece to that map project Brenda got us going on but wasn't sure where my uncle Alf had been born, almost 90 years ago. He died the other day. I share the Alfred with him, and we shared it with his dad, and dads all way back to the first Alfred, Maria Alfred, who came over from Ireland around 1850, and gave her male descendants her name. 
Call Uncle Alf a trickster, you wouldn't be far off. He'd watched his Bowery Boys and his Abbott and Costello. He was so far the youngest in his family of 5 (three girls, including my mother, Alice, the oldest girl) that he was closer in age to some of the nieces and nephews. For those youngsters, the marriage of Alf and his tall Icelandic bride, Sheila (which took place the year I was born, I think) was fairytale indeed. Sheila wore wavy blonde hair, Alf looking Irish, like his dad.
I'm not sure if he was born at the farm or in town, Palmer, Sask., south of Moose Jaw. A Saskatchewan boy.

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