Monday, 28 May 2012

B & B

I recommend the Mountain Time Inn in Moyie, B.C. (pronounced, the local history book tells me, Mo-yeah). Leaving Tom's place in Vancouver at 6:30, by the time I got to Hope I'd decided to take #3 all the way to Medicine Hat, skipping the Rogers Pass/Calgary route this time. I hadn't driven #3 in years. I tell you, it was no picnic. Up and down, around corners the whole time--where did all these summits come from? But beer 'n burger at the Moyie pub, a 6-0 Blue Jay lead in the early going against Baltimore, and a sunny view of Moyie Lake, and yes a shower--all these things have me in good nick at the moment, my second glass of beer resting on the Cleopatra issue of National Geographic, July 2011.
Yesterday Tom and I nipped down to Seattle to see Ichiro and Albert, I mean Mariners and Angels. Albert barely got the ball out of the infield. Ichiro made three graceful plays in rightfield but did zero with the bat.
Away a month, I'm ready to get home. First, though, a spell on the Mountain Time deck.

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Bored in Regina writes: Bring wine and sunshine. Not necessarily in that order.