Sunday, 20 May 2012

Airing Out

Did the dishes in the studio, gathered things, wrote in the guest book. Other than that, more of this ravining--looking out south, just up and over the hump from Bow Falls, seeing what might be in it for me--and breakfast and out the highway west to Kelowna. What I don't like about this leaving is that I don't like it. I'm tired, a little emotional. Well you just get yourself un-tired, mister, I can hear my three sisters say. Be a train and get here.
I did finish my Hillsdale book, which I've referred to numerous times in these blog entries the last four years. For a while I thought maybe I was writing the book as blog entries.
Other things, unfinished. See "emotional". See "tired". If I have to write everything to put it in a place I can handle, that's seems a burden.
Good think I've got a little red car, westbound.
So long (from) Banff.
love, Gerry

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