Monday, 7 February 2011

It Gets This Way Sometimes

"Just sitting here with all your friends?" said Herb, the Maintenance guy, grinning, with a nod toward the table that was empty except for me.

"They're out writing," I told him, and changed the subject.

My students were scattered around Luther, writing from a line that opens Joan Didion's "Los Angeles Notebook"--There is something uneasy in the Los Angeles air this afternoon, some unnatural stillness, some tension, a line I love. 

I'd stayed at the table, reflecting in my own notebook on the air around my workplace this morning.

It was good to see Herb grin, anyone grin.

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Little John 657 said...

I remember this class. I do miss the self-expressive writings of my English classes; there's very little of it in my current academic program.