Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Vigo Bay

        I went to school with a writer and guitarist named Noel Hudson years ago in Nelson, B.C., near the Salmo-Creston highway.  I think it was Noel who named one of his characters Salmo Creston.  Likewise, someone named a woman Emma Lake, many years later, and I borrowed my mailing address for a character named Spence Street.
        Here in the Spanish city of Vigo, the body of water lying right now in the bright sun is called Ria de Vigo, or Vigo Bay.  ¨Hey, that´s not a bad name for a super-hero,¨ I remarked to my friend Belen a while ago.  Nothing in her reply suggested otherwise.
        Subsequent developments have diminished the super-hero notion.  Yesterday, for instance, Vigo Bay banged his knee against a scooter parked on the sidewalk of lingerie shop near Praza de España, which he thus translates as Plaza of Pain.



Duquesa de Braganza said...

A dor fai do señor Bay un heroe ainda mais a-dor-able.

Gerald Hill said...

Why thank you, Duquesa!