Thursday, 28 January 2010

"love, destiny, the social life of the cities" ( = fado)

         too much for the cha verde (€2)

          hosing down Alfama, gathering hose in loops at the Largo, nozzle dragging over cobblestones

          man driving scooter across square, pigeons flying

          third dog shows up, first dog barks, goes over to piss on wall of nearest building, barks

          woman speaking P. but carrying a map

          man setting up umbrella

          hose-women in lime-green overalls, one toque, one cap

          woman with lottery tickets

          man with cardboard box and bag of buns

          cellphone, cigarette, spit

          man newspaper, woman cane

          sunglasses, large vinyl purses
                                                              (bright sun)
          distribucǎo, man with wheeler

          three men in shade drinking 1l. Sagres beer

          man carrying small shelf unit

          man with belts and bracelets for sale

(a list for the Portuguese woman, noon, Largo do Chafariz de Dentro—may the fadista sing you well)

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