Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Corner of Hillsdale and Kramer

Even with a Hitchcock on, or a prized Seinfeld re-run, or the world junior hockey championship game, I can't help switching over to my new favourite tv show, Frontiers of Construction, documentaries on huge construction projects around the world--Hong Kong airport, PEI bridge, massive tent in London, etc.

I suppose I'm just being myself as a boy, fascinated with the big trucks, the earth-movers building the highway between Herbert and Swift Current.  I know such  fascination is what got me into my tractor book--the sight and sound of that Steiger, which seemed to glide (a creature greather than the putt-putts I heard all around the yard at St.Peter's Abbey farm, obviously) along the road on its way out to the field.  That's the image that drove my first moves into 14 Tractors.

In 2003 I built an on-line poem to accompany the building of two residence towers on the University of Regina campus.  A poem may be thought of a construction for making choices, I noted, quoting John Ciardi.  It was fun to build the poem piece by piece, incorporating the webcam mounted on the top of the library next to the residence construction site.

I'm imagining similar cross-overs now, researching the building of Hillsdale and building my Hillsdale (which tomorrow I'm heading off to Portugal, my frontier of construction, to do).  Here's a corner:


Brenda Schmidt said...

Tomorrow! Bon voyage! I'll be thinking of you as I'm freezing my mittens off!

Gerald Hill said...

Thank you, Brenda. I'm sure the Atlantic at sunset will be chilly too.