Sunday, 27 January 2008

Travel Piece

Tomorrow my youngest daughter, Lucy, leaves for Paris. She's prepared, I'm prepared. But she's been on the edge of crying for an hour or two now, and I'm on my second scotch this half hour.

I've noticed that as I get older, I settle for the memory of stuff, as if that way I don't have to do whatever it is again. Travel around the world, for instance (I got home 25 years ago to become a creative writing student--see "longer bio" at my website) or go downhill skiing (that would be about 30 years ago at Sunshine--so fantastic an experience, why would I ever need to repeat it?).


Brenda Schmidt said...

I imagine travel was quite a different experience 25 years ago. These days with cellphones, email and internet cafes, you guys can chat as much as you like. Paris will seem like it's just across the street. Bon voyage to Lucy! Enjoy your scotch. :)

Gerald Hill said...

Not to mention webcams. THat means I'll have to keep up my appearance even when Lucy is away.