Thursday, 3 January 2008

The Radio and a New Year's Letter

I've been hearing on the CBC Radio 2 weathercast that today will be "a balmy minus one degree." What about all the other degrees? Would other punctuation help? Maybe take a word or two off: a balmy minus, or balmy minus one, even minus would do.

I also said to a friend, I hope our paths will cross--then a dash, then with us in them. All very well to cross paths, but the point of crossing would not by itself satisfy me. In other words, I can see picking up a broken leaf, saying So-and-so was here. Maybe salute the sky, notice wind for a moment. But I can't see staying there for long.


Mad Hatter said...

Hello, old friend. Would my coming here be like a crossing of paths or more the stumbling upon a broken leaf? Surely the paths would be more well and truly crossed with a late afternoon pictcher, but I don't think that likely to happen any time soon.

Drop by. You'll know who I am almost instantly.

Gerald Hill said...

So great to get a blast of you and yours again. I'm thirsty already for that pitcher.