Friday, 16 November 2018


I'm hearing a director say "find the magic." As in, block it, let it go, find it.
It's what the story needs, what the experience must provide all who build it. Including, as always, audience.
Could be a change of pitch or pace, a move, a new line of sight.
When they do find magic, everybody feels it.

Case in point.
The dragon, Smaug, must die by arrow from Bard, the Master Archer. 
The first idea is to have Gandalf carry the arrow across on its fatal flight to the underbelly. They try this once or twice. One actor tells how they rig it in the circus so that a hard snap of elastic, released from the bow, strikes the arrow home. Probably not enough time to build the rigging, all understand.
This is what they try: Bard the Archer loads his bow, Thrush hovers. Three things happen when the archer lets fly. (1) Thrush whips the bow backwards out of sight. (2) We hear the sound cue: arrow thunking target. (3) Arrow appears from within the massive, five-segment puppet that is Smaug. It works pretty well for first pass or two.
Work continues. The final version may be different. But today they made the killing happen, found the magic that the scene must be.

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