Sunday, 29 July 2018

The Other Musical

Today I was biking through Hillsdale, the 50s-era subdivision of south Regina, where I lived from '61-'71 and '95-'11. Ten years ago, as I was recalling, I'd been hard into the research (= roaming and gathering) that fed my Hillsdale Book
Early in this process of writing a musical I thought of re-visiting the Hillsdale material for musical purposes. That didn't last long. But the theme of coming up with ideas for other musicals besides the one I'm writing continues. Just last weekend, after I heard Tom Wayman read from a short story about some environmental activists and other local citizens of the Slocan valley, not to mention a pair of lovers, I told Tom that I thought it would make a great musical. He was no more convinced than my poet friend Suzannah had been when, after I heard her read from her new book about The Bachelor, I told her that I thought it too would make a great musical.
I'm happy with what I've got going. By Aug.21, the end of a two-week stint at the Johnson Cultural Centre in Cypress Hills, I plan to have the first draft of Oak Floors! completed. So I can show the script and the music. Toward that end, I've begun to format everything according to conventional standards so it will at least look finished. 
Speaking of looks, here are some of the companies who worked on an apartment like the Oak Floors.

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