Thursday, 23 July 2015

Esther & Sons: Family Matters

A coffee shop this fine, who wouldn't make it two mornings in a row. Tomorrow at this time I'll be helping my sister clear out her garage, but you don't need to know that.
I was sitting here reading the Globe and Mail. Damned if I didn't see my daughter Lucy pictured in front of a blind horse, which doesn't know it's blind, on page S2--a production shot for her show at Caravan Farm Theatre, which opens tonight.
You don't need to know either how proud I am of Lucy, which I just now tried to express, in a card I'll give her tonight, from my base here on the deck chair at Esther's.
No sign of the Sons this morning. Maybe they slept in. Maybe they're having coffee somewhere. Could be them in the float plane or the irrigation truck.  
Here at Esther's, a guy just brought in a saw and a long extension cord, which he's plugged in, getting ready to work on something or other. I suppose this kind of thing happens when the Sons are away.

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