Monday, 2 December 2013


I hung my lights differently this time--sag-like, from a bookcase over a frame under a mirror across a mask and window down to the socket. I'll hang decorations from the cord. This is mainly to leave room for the tapletop tree--a series of walnut arms that fit together treely, made by PossibiliTree--which will sit under the left sag.
About a quarter of my decorations come from a decoration party I hosted in my apartment in Edmonton in about 1993. Everyone brought one--taking the either tacky/gag route or the classy route I revisit every year at this time.
This time for me begins once I get my youngest daughter's birthday party out of the way, as I say. That's tonight.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Sag is a weird word. Hard to believe it's even a real word.

australianwritings writers said...

This is so uniquely enchanting! It really is! Like i feel that I almost didnt quiet catch that but my brain says no you did!