Wednesday, 20 November 2013


I can't explain the lag between posts, but I've been teaching. And I'm not sure why this time in the semester brings me out grumpy. This is what I put to my first-year class yesterday:
How many people are present in your group right now?
How many phones are visible?
How many in your group had all three of your journal, Beauty Tips and “Sentence Combining Nov.18” sheet on the table in front of you before I began speaking?
          Reasons this was not done:
How many in your group checked URCourses for this class since Monday?
          Reasons this was not done:
How many in your group completed the “Sentence Combining Nov.18” (which means all 6 sentences) homework for today?
          Reasons this was not done:
How many in your group completed the other homework assignment for today: read (which means think about and prepare questions and observations for) the rest of the “Road to Dawn” chapter of Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw?
          Reasons this was not done:
How many in your group can I count on to have read (which means thought about, printed out, and prepared questions and observations for) poem #19 for Friday?
I meant it. They've been a good bunch but had let their standards drop. I tallied the results for each question. The numbers showed very good performance, except for those confused.
We moved on to something else. In the end, I thought I'd made my piont without the usual rant 'n rave.


Bernadette said...


Brenda Schmidt said...

Um. Is your point ironic?

Pam said...

This made me smile....though I also wanted to call you up and trudge through the snow to buy you a beverage.

Gerald Hill said...

I'm at Beer Bros right now, whoever you are. As for ironic, no!

Gerald Hill said...

Oh right, I just noticed the typo. I'll fix that right now.

Bernadette said...

Oh, very cute, that lag!