Saturday, 8 June 2013


At a time like this, after another rejection, I want my readers--a hefty good afternoon to you, Aunt Matilda and Uncle Walt-- to pick me up in their arms somehow. To prevent me from becoming nasty in this list of What To Do When Rejected:
1. Call the rejecters gutless.
2. Doubt that they know what they're doing.
3. Pretend not to notice.
4. Carry on with the next thing, assuming I have one.
5. Walk in this rain, leave my umbrella at home.
6. Buy something.
7. Go to sleep.
8. Push this list to 10.
But seriously, seems wrong that they said No to what I proposed.
I select #4 from the list: working on the mind of the alley, maybe in the alley, maybe over. That way I can do #5 also (with umbrella) and avoid #6. Put off #7 until I've accomplished something (for which their saying No is the bummer it is).
I've got this new camera, see, and an hour and a half or so to wander up and down a few alleys.

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Brenda Schmidt said...

Ok, which way is that cat going? Adjust path accordingly.