Monday, 29 April 2013

This Is What We Bought With That Hot September

I made it about 20 miles west of North Battleford and turned back. I'd slipped and headed for the ditch--driving snow, build-up in the passing lane, temperature 0 degrees--but managed to avoid it.
A couple of hours later I've selected the Roibas tea at Mc-Rob in Saskatoon. In a hurry to get on the internet, I passed everything but POETRY in the Mc-Rob stacks. The closest would be GROUND WRITING, if that's what I saw.
The damn highway. I took my snow tires off last week, knowing I'd rather drive the nearly 2,000 km to Edm and back on the summer tires.
Never thought of checking the weather or road conditions before leaving Regina at 4 am.


Brenda Schmidt said...

But you read at the Upper Crust in Edmonton tonight! At 5! Facebook says so!

Gerald Hill said...

No way today. Most bizarre day of driving in my life. Back home.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Glad you got back safely.

Anonymous said...

Had just a taste of that blizzard-like thing in Banff this a.m. Fortunately, it fizzled out on the way to Cowtown. Sorry you didn't get to Edmonton, though. Most ridiculous spring EVER, say I!

PS: What version of Rooibos tea did you have at Mc-Rob's?