Saturday, 2 March 2013

One Saturday Night Not Long Ago

I watched soccer, I watched curling, I watched hockey, I watched page 45 of The Best Canadian Poetry in English (2012), I watched United Artists day on TCM, I watched this screen. Recipe book, windshield, aisle 7 at Safeway, stopwatch on my phone. Pretty soon I'll catch the opening at Neutral Ground.
I just thought of a reason: all day today I'd planned on working with Don Kerr, my editor on the Hillsdale book. Don had to cancel so we'll do it next weekend.
To get ready for Don I assembled a "page of propositions aboutHillsdale Book", a list of queries I'd noted in December (when I last gave the ms a good reading), a new poem, and binder worth of small changes to the ms I'd sent NeWest from Banff last May. Don will have his own notes, I'm sure. He's already told me that a certain section is not to his liking.
That's so next weekend now. Later tonight I'll catch the first half of West Side Story, the last half of Stoughton-Martin from the Brier.

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Velva said...

This is cool!