Saturday, 13 October 2012

Maybe I Should Speak as The Pope's Former Butler

I'm working on intros for the forthcoming Saskatchewan Writers [count me out for the would-be apostrophe] Guild open mic and on remarks for the Fall Convocation at Luther College and hoping to hell I don't mix them up.
If at the open mic I start telling stories about the last day the pool was open or if at Luther I speak in lascivious fragments, you'll know.
Usually I sort of wing the open mic intros but in May I wrote a bunch at Banff. The Luther thing comes around only every seven years or so. I can't remember what I did last time, other than use Lorna Crozier's "Packing for the Future: Instructions". The heart of the matter is that I'll urge the grads to stay at the pool, even after classes have started and summer has been given up for dead by Back to School fanatics.
Short and sweet and sexy at the open mic.

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