Monday, 6 February 2012

Update re Loco Log

You fans of my Loco Log (hello Uncle Martha and Aunt Pete) have been clamouring to find out whether I counted that photograph of a CP locomotive. The answer is not yet. But should I? My own eyes didn't see it but there it was, paused over Albert street, joined at the rear to 9132.
(I told my daughter Lucy one day on a road trip, the two of us, she was about 15, that the CP locomotive we zoomed by east of Belle Plaine was one we'd never again see. So we wrote it down, or I did anyway. By now I've logged about 50--number then location, day, time.
Lucy didn't take to the idea at first. Six or seven years later, she's weakened a little, I'm guessing. The prize: spotting a locomotive a second time.
This idea I blame on direction.)


Brenda Schmidt said...

That Logo Log is book length! What are you waiting for! Choo choo!

If I were you I'd apply for a grant to track down the CP locomotive you zoomed by east of Belle Plaine.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Loco Log I mean!

Gerald Hill said...

Well, a logo would take up more room than each log entry does.