Thursday, 20 October 2011


What a relief to find out that another publisher has rejected my Natural Cause: The Poems of Stan Still. Until then I'd been dreading the writing, as a post to this blog, of an open letter to Regina and area writers who did not show up for even an hour or two to the Saskatchewan Writers Guild conference in Regina last weekend. Even if the conference is expensive (I would have said); even if you have historical, unresolved grievances with the Guild; even if the sessions didn't seem that interesting--no matter, as an organization that has affected your writing career for the better, even if you're new to writing, it deserves your support, at least an hour or two of your time. My reasons for saying that are partly selfish (I would have gone on to say): I missed the pleasure of your company, the stimulation of your ideas.
Instead of such an entry, thank goodness, I have to deal with rejection. But there is no deal with rejection. It gets everything, I get nothing.
I guess that all belongs to yesterday, because today in the mail came word that one of Canada's loveliest chapbook publishers wants to do a chapbook of my Hillsdale material--a dozen or so of the streetpieces, as I call them, written on location in Hillsdale. I'm delighted.
But poor Stan.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Yay Hillsdale! Congratulations!

Stan deserves better.

It's generous of you to always share your time and ideas with us whippersnappers from away. That's the spirit of a great host and a great mentor. It's part of the reason I look up to you. The 7 foot tall matter aside.

Cassidy said...

Congrats; that is great news!

And I feel guilty.

Not at all guildy.

Gerald Hill said...

I forget what what the 7 foot reference is, Brenda. Maybe it came a tad too late in the hospitality suite the other night. And Cassidy the way you move from guilty to guildy tells me your writing future is assured. What a pair of sweethearts. Thank you.

Bernadette said...

Too bad about Stan. I'm sure he'll find a home. Great news about the streetwork!

And I'm really happy I made at least a couple of the SWG conference sessions. It was so good to see friends old and new! Only wish I hadn't had such a very busy weekend last weekend so I could have taken in more.

I do have to say that it is getting a little expensive to attend these events. I think the SWG needs to look at less money-grabbing from members and more fundraising from outside sources. But, I couldn't make the AGM to raise that issue because of the aforementioned busyness.

Gerald Hill said...

Thanks, Bern. I think it is a little out of whack, cost-wise. Memberships could be a little higher, conference costs lower.

Bernadette said...

And now, as I've just read, the gouging of out-of-province SWG members who attend Colony/Retreats. Egads! This is gonna result in a letter to the editor of Freelance, methinks.

Pearl said...