Monday, 14 December 2009

La Verendrye, fur trader and explorer, after whom a street is named,

approaches an idea first glimpsed at a distance.

 He continues.

 He's not sure he likes what he can't quite see.

Formerly an undeveloped lot behind Motherwell, the corner of Hillsdale and 23rd has been rezoned Residential Multiple Housing.

He enters a clearing just off the northwest corner of Roberts Plaza, on LaVerendrye Way.

He gets this far.


Anonymous said...

Check that entrance. They could plant a tree, put up some colour--something!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ya, that is quite the entrance. All that concrete suspended above your head as you make your way in. Like writing a poem!

Gerald Hill said...

What's that, a contra-bass clarinet on the second level?