Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The opening of south Regina

I think it's time to get after where I am now, and where I was as a teenager. On the edge of Hillsdale, and in Hillsdale, respectively. Just the way things work out.

The whole subdivision in south Regina was the brainchild of a real estate firm, of course. For my parents, the house we bought on Anderson Avenue was the first new house they'd ever owned.
That didn't matter much to me, but now I'm kind of interested. What this part of the world means to me and my history, and in the trajectories of my family's lives.

I look for a long and fruitful writing experience, ever-heedful of this exchange from The Graduate:

Mr. Maguire, a wealthy suburban neighbour: "Ben, I've got one word: Plastics.

Ben, who is worried about his future: "Exactly how do you mean?"

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