Wednesday, 19 December 2007

A Few Words About My Students

By now my students will have made it home, so to speak, from my classes. I'm thinking about how to say what I hope they've learned. Not that "learning" is any kind of explicit goal.

I hope my students have a lot more fun with language, that's one thing. As if it's a whirling, circular beast we can poke at from many different angles.

I hope they feel challenged, familiar with a few more Saskatchewan writers and other artists.

I'd love to see any of my students adopt some kind of daily or otherwise regular writing practice, in whatever form that might take.

(And always tagging along with writing is its little buddy reading.)

Not far away is an objective something like this: a sense that cultural phenomena change and that we all have a stake in, and an opportunity to affect, which way it goes.

Further thought, reading, writing, everything else.

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