Saturday 14 September 2013

City of Apologists for Saskatchewan Roughriders

Three Rider players were arrested a day or two ago--now released until next court date, in October-- for aggravated assault after a late-night altercation along the Dewdney strip in Regina that sent one man to hospital with serious wounds. But today on the pre-game radio show, which I happened to be listening to on the way home from washing my car, via the liquor and grocery stores, the commentators portrayed the players as victims. The argument went like this: We live in a fishbowl, the eye always on us. Believe it or not, some people want to take us down a peg for some play we did or didn't make. And they don't hold back. Touchy situations arise, and we're going to react. We have to be smart, that's all, and cover each other's back.
So despite the controversy and debate, two descriptors offered by the Leader-Post, the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club decided not to suspend the players--citing the need for more information, not to mention the fact the players are innocent until proven otherwise. They'll be in the line-up tonight against Toronto.
The commentators said nothing about obey the law or what makes those idiots think that just because they're Riders they can rough people up. Just be smart.
They added, in the end the Riders will do the right thing. They always do.

Thursday 12 September 2013

Real Swimming

20 minutes ago, leaving the pool, I saw it. A young woman in a blue racing suit emerged from the water, stripped off her cap, re-tied her single long braid, twisted it into a bun and pinned it, pulled the cap on, tucked in her hair all around, jumped back from a wasp, dove in, and in a half dozen powerful strokes reached the far side--all in 15 seconds. I tried not to stare. Water polo club, I guess!
At home I opened a new 500g jar of organic peanut butter. Stirring it cast my hands, arms and shoulders--many other parts  of me as well--back to the pool, my clumsy widths, pushing more water than I cut through.
The peanut butter was fine, "may contain other nuts and seeds" or not.
Hoping the pool was swell at your place too,

Wednesday 4 September 2013


During the night I enjoyed a visit to my hometown--Herbert, where the Coteau crosses the Trans-Canada between Moose Jaw and Swift Current--and decided to move there. I was quite realistic about the pros and cons of life there, deciding that I'd open a coffee shop/bar on the pier. Coffee/tea until happy hour, liquor after that. This dream ended with (1) winter, and (2) no lake, sea or river in Herbert.
Today we start another round of classes. In recent years I've been dabbling with thinking about retirement. The August 23rd headline in the Globe and Mail sent me a clear message: RETIRE OLD TANKERS, SENATE URGES. Some things need simply to be "taken out of service," as the Senate committee chair said. Perhaps "retrofitted or barred".
I've always said I'd retire when the pros (even the poetry) of the job no longer counterbalance the cons. And certain elements of the job do seem to call for my retrofitting or scrapping.
But fun is fun. Today I plan to sneak early into my 2:30 class and sit in the corner, pretending I'm a student, until all the other students arrive.