Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Home from Emma

Transfer smokey laundry directly from bag seat of car to wash 'n dry in basement of apartment. Done.
Unload car to make room for Queen Anne chair donated to Lucy moving into her apartment.
Wash bugs, tree sap, road dust off car.
Consolidate files, print and store new work.
Doing that today.
Pull photos off camera, prepare to display. Here they are.
Doing that today.
Clear sambucawinebeerscothredeyecidervodka from system.
Might take a while.
Stop daydreaming about rowboat, dock, fire, curve of lake, forest floor, companions.
Getting there.
Get on with Hillsdale work.
Starting Thursday.

Monday, 8 June 2009


In Kelowna this weekend I sat at a tractor show for about 8 hours over two days. With only a card table, three chairs, and a display consisting of a stack of books, this laptop looping the images from 14 Tractors, a poster, and a scatter of tractor cards, my footprint at the event was rather small and static. The actual tractors, on the other hand, were rather large, colourful, loud and full of motion.

The booke more or less about tractors was no match for the moment full of tractors, but I had fun.

Monday, 1 June 2009


Got word of an online publication I'm in, got word:


Yesterday I tested out the Traveller figure on a bike ride through Hillsdale, checking out what was going on a half hour before game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals.

A police officer named Stanley would be Stanley Cop, wouldn't he?